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Hitting the keys for the title – nine times world champion in typing, Helena Zaviačičová, uses the CHERRY G80-3000


Key virtuoso is honoured with the CHERRY Award at the Czech plant Klášterec

Auerbach, 18th April 2013 – The nine times world champion in typing, the engineer Helena Zaviačičová, won most of her World Champion titles with the G80-3000 from CHERRY. The title for the world championship for the fastest typist is awarded by the organisation Intersteno every two years. The first title was won by the several-times world champion from the Czech Republic in 1998 in Lausanne. The world championship is held every two years, most recently in Paris (2011), Beijing (2009), Prague (2007), Vienna (2005), Rome (2003) and Hanover (2001). The title contenders are currently preparing for the world championship in Ghent, to be held in July 2013. Zaviačičová has triumphed over and over again on the G80-3000, which is the most successful keyboard model from CHERRY to date. The world champion has now been honoured with a CHERRY Award for her successes.

Intersteno was founded by stenographers in 1887 in London. Notwithstanding the technical progress that has been made in recording text, there is still a competitive discipline in graphic shorthand, although participants today are usually tested on computer keyboard skills, as well as shorthand machines.

At the Intersteno world championship for typewriting, several hundred participants take part – in the preliminary qualifications in various country groups there are often several thousand. At the world championships in Rome in 2003, Zaviačičová typed for 30 minutes at a speed of 956 characters per minute. After deducting 100 strokes per error, the world record was set with 928 net strokes per minute. The second best performance by a wide margin was gained by Javier Nunez Hidalgo from Spain, followed by other world championship participants from the Czech Republic, Germany and Turkey.

Proven world champion keyboard: CHERRY G80-3000 with MX technology The special feature of the CHERRY G80-3000 is Gold Crosspoint contacts (MX technology) for the individual keys. These mechanical key modules are not only durable but bring decisive response benefits for frequent and fast typists, as well as gamers. Using different switching characteristics, the switching point is reached far more reliably than standard keyboards with rubber membrane or foil technology. The user senses the contact even before the module is actuated all the way and the fingers can hover briskly over the keys.

The reigning World Champion explains why she chose this keyboard from CHERRY: “The G80-3000 CHERRY is by far the best, fastest and most reliable keyboard that I can use to exceed the limit of 800 characters per minute. With special stenograph systems for PC keyboards (such as “Zavschrift”/Zavscript), even over 1,400 strokes per minute are possible, but with the classic PC keyboards CHERRY is the first choice.”

CHERRY Award for the world champion

Reason enough for CHERRY to honour this satisfied “customer”. Marketing Director Stefan Uebelacker met Helena Zaviačičová at the Czech plant Klášterec to present her with five G80-3000 keyboards and the Cherry Award as a special acknowledgement for her achievements. Her husband and trainer Jaroslav Zaviačič was also there, who developed the system of the ZAVSCHRIFT machine stenography with her.

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Hitting the keys for the title – nine times world champion in typing, Helena Zaviačičová, uses the CHERRY G80-3000

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